Coaching Services

Road Community $14.95/year

Our Road Community access is for the runner who has a “” athlete account, and is looking to join the conversation.    This program gives you access to the High Impact Wellness community “Social Wall” and “Message Boards” to get you moving with community support, accountability, consistency, and fun.

Summer Sale Prices
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We offer 3 different coaching packages to meet your running goals

We also offer weekend running retreats at our home in Hobe Sound, Florida

Road Basics $14.95/month

Our Road Basics Program is for the beginner runner.  This program is designed to get you moving with a structured plan, support, accountability, consistency, and fun.

When you choose the Road Basics you will receive an email invite to join final surge, or if you already have a FinalSurge account it will contain a “accept coach” link.

It’s that easy!

Road Rangers $49.95/Month

The Road Rangers program is our most popular and is for people who want to stay on course and reach the next level.  This program includes all the Road Basics plus additional 1:1 coaching, and sports psychology to increase a positive mindset, weekly plan adjustments, and more

Road Warriors $98.95/Month
Summer Sale!

Road Warriors is our top tier program and is designed for the serious runner who wants to expand and reach their performance goals.  Road Warriors receive all of the Road Basics and Road Rangers. The Warriors includes more intense work out strategies, nutritional coaching, 1:1 race pacing for selected events, and a discount on our weekend running retreats.

Weekend Running Retreats

Come spend a weekend with us in Hobe Sound, Florida in the months of January, February, March, and April. The weekend includes: Healthy cooking, beach walks, runs, swimming, and much more.